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Get better at learning, making decisions and getting rid of anxiety

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What is Train Your Mind?

Learn the fundamentals about what enhances life skills such as your ability to understand your feelings, emotions and thoughts better.

Train Your Mind is based on a number of theories, approaches and methods for example; 3 Principles, Open Dialogue, Relationship Theory, The Concept of Resonance, Meta Cognitive Psychology, Modern Trauma Understanding - combined with ideas from other areas such as Minimalism, Stoicism.

Get rid of anxiety and frustration
Get better at learning and making decisions
learn basic mind-training skills through exercises that are incorporated in everyday activities in work and private life

In Every Crisis lies Great Potential

Jesper h. Bertelsen

Founder and CEO of Train Your Mind Ltd. and Go Open-Minded Ltd.

In January 2021 - based on an 8 month full evaluation - psychiatry wrote off my diagnoses of bipolar disorder, depression, manic psychosis and ADD.

The reason for all this:

In the period 2008-2021 I had build up the personal capacity to mentally train my way out of all symptoms of mental illness and use my inner journeys to open the doorway to my creativity - my own mental highway.

In the same period I had build a life with family, a high level leadership career and much more - not in spite of - but because of the things I learned on my inner journeys.

It has taken me 14 years to fully understand my inner processes, train my mind, study all the different theoretical approaches that could give me further insight, define and redefine my ideas.

The result is Train Your Mind©*, which is aimed to give you all the creative benefits I found on my way through life skills - and prevent some of you to fall into the things I did.

*Train Your Mind© is not treatment for illness.
workshops and public speaking - also online

World Leader of Tomorrow:
How do You Turn Individual and Organizational Imbalances into Potentials?

We have misunderstood our "sensitive" employees and relations - and the "sensitive" parts inside ourselves. We are all "strong sensing" individuals and able to dive into our own unique creative potential -  given the right tools and circumstances.

Do you want the tools to turn mental imbalance into worklife satisfaction, lower sick leave and economic profit?

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