Are You our Future Developing Partner?

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Jesper H. Bertelsen, Founder and CEO

Jesper has a masters degree in political science from University of Aarhus (2005) and a Diploma degree in leadership from Djoef/Metropol. Author of the novel: "Another Mind". 

20 years of professional experience from the private, public and civil sector with areas regarding mental health - leadership responsibility: up to 70 employees.

Public speaker and call-in expert in government organizations and international leadership programmes.

Documented by psychiatry: cured from depression, manic psychosis, bipolar disorder and ADHD without use of any medicines - using only mental training skills which lay the groundwork for Train Your Mind©.

Christian Bech Nørhave, Founder

Christian has an IT Diploma degree in Engineering from DTU and an HD from CBS. For the past 17 years he has advised everything from companies in C20, NGOs, Universities - all the way down to sole proprietorships, associations and everyone in between.

He is passionate about moving people and companies. The important thing has never been who the customer was, but whether it was an exciting task.

Developing Partner

We are open-minded to many different sectors who can see possibilities in Train Your Mind© for their employees and/or end users. We are looking for one or two developing partners who can help the platform going forward.

We are looking for partners who have a drive for developing the platform in the direction of approving lifeskills for individuals.