Mind Training for Organizations

Higher Job Satisfaction, Increased Productivity and Lower Sick Leave With Online Mind Training

Attention organizations/companies

Are You our Future Developing Partner?

We are looking for organizations who would like to partner up with us building a B2B and/or B2C-platform.

We are entering a blue ocean and our ambitions are high. This is what we are testing:

Open-mindedness, handled with care, leads to:
- Increase in job- and life-satisfaction
- Higher effectiveness and productivity 
- Lower sick-leave

Train Your Mind can deliver the results e-learning based.

Jesper h. Bertelsen

Founder and CEO, GOM - Go Open-Minded and GOM.ninja

"Being responsible for 70 social services and health-professionals in my organization I needed two things, I could not find online-based: 1) Something to bring the organization's already existing qualifications better into play, that you can use instantly and integrated in the everyday workflow, and 2) something stress-preventive to help employees who where on the boundaries of their comfort zone, and who where looking for lighter help than the 5-10 therapy sessions our mental health insurance guaranteed. These two needs are exactly what we are aiming to cover with Train Your Mind© for organizations."


Nobody follows a leader who does not know where he comes from and where he is going

Before you go open-minded about critical parts of your private life in an organization you have to have given it some thought - what is the purpose of your open-mindedness in a work setting?

- To be understood?
- Help on your recovery from an illness, mental or physical?
- To change the culture at the workplace?
- To change the world?

If you are not trained and concious about taking the different steps in your process - no matter what role you have in your company - your agenda can back-fire. 

Most organizations are celebrating diversity and open-mindedness today, but it does not come without a cost, if you do it without a strategy.

Given the right outlook on things an open-minded approach to almost anything can become a major benefit for the workplace. All sorts of imbalances turn into potentials - even psychiatric disorders and physical disabilities. Train Your Mind© for organizations help doing just that.